About Rachel - timelessecho

In 2001, I strapped a pack on my back and journeyed through Ireland for 5 weeks, armed with only a Nikon point-and-shoot to capture my experiences.  I hadn’t set out to take the most amazing photos, I only wanted to document my trip. When I came back, my boyfriend (now husband), praised my photography and said I had a good eye. That Christmas he bought me a Pentax ZX7 and encouraged me to take more photos.

It took me 8 years, but with the birth of our first son my soul was reinvigorated and I finally had the courage and confidence to pursue my passion. I now shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and wish I had the luxury of going back to Ireland for 5 weeks to see what I could capture!

I wasn’t born with a camera in my hand and I didn’t go to photography school, but I’ve fueled my passion for learning into teaching myself all about photography and retouching. I continually strive to improve my skills to give my clients a beautiful and unique preservation of their memories.